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Partnership Opportunities

Brand Attributes

Theme: Fastest, Fittest & Strongest

  • Inclusive: universal and inclusive regardless of race, ethnic origin, age, shape, etc.
  • Speed: the athletes competing are the fastest in the World. Every thousandth of a second matters.
  • Strength: athletes are most measuring success in millimeters & are Herculean in performance.
  • Health: a showcase of health/ wellness fans, athletes and families.
  • Entrepreneurs: athletes are the epitome of discipline, accountability & performance.
  • Distinctive: a diverse mix of nationalities, technical disciplines & fans in all of sport.

Market Demographics

Audience Profile:

  • Gender: 55% Male vs. 45% Female
  • Age: range from 14 to 75 years of age
  • Core: Male 35-50 / Income +$65K / Post Sec. Education
  • sport/running enthusiasts / fans of Olympic Games

Origin of Spectators:

  • 50% of attendees were from Edmonton (region)
  • 45% from Alberta
  • 5% from outside of Canada

Motivations to attend:

A primary motivation to attend the event revolves around the experiences associated with seeing athletes that have competed at/or selected to represent their country at the Olympic Games.


We have multiple sponsorship opportunities available for the TrackTown Classic and the 2016 Canadian Track & Field Championships / Rio Olympic & Paralympic Selection Trials.

We invite you to be involved in Canada's prestigious events. To request a copy of our sponsorship deck, please contact:

Peter Ogilvie

Work: (780) 395-9824