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Podium Hospitality Program

Looking for something different that the traditional sports scene to entertain your most important clients, prospects, employees or other important guests?


The Corporate Cabana Suites at Foote Field provide an opportunity to enjoy the finest Olympic track & field experience like never before. Foote Field has six (6) corporate cabana suites that have been constructed specifically for the Track Town Classic that vary in size from 20, 30 or 50 people.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity in order to enhance the visibility of your business, reinforce your brand image and entertain special clients in a unique and memorable way.  The Track Town Classic's Corporate Cabana Suites: the finest track & field experience in an upscale setting with first class service.


  • Cabana Suites with comfort seating;
  • Watch the athletes trackside with an unmatched view of the facility at Foote Field;
  • Game day hostess (one per 2 suites);
  • Wait and bar service available upon request (72 hour notice);
  • 3 complimentary parking spaces;
  • A dedicated suite service representative.


For more information about our Podium Hospitality Suites, please contact:

Peter Ogilvie
Ph: (780) 395-9824

North End of Grandstand Bleachers


South End of Grandstand Bleachers