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Edmonton's Track Town Classic (TTC) is built on the foundation of incredible hospitality, innovative programing and is orchestrated like many top events that have been around for decades.

In addition to providing an annual international focus on high performance athletes, the TTC allows for the critical empowerment and of up-and-coming athletes and local young school children to participate in an event that promotes and celebrates the value and virtues of sport.

The success story for the TTC involves people helping out in unexpected ways and being involved with a project that was built from scratch. Our management team has embraced the urban barn-raising spirit that is alive and well in Edmonton – we ask for help and get it from our sporting community.

Our event management team is regarded as the best in the athletics hosting business in Canada and the attitude and excitement that this group brings is truly infectious to our local community.  Volunteer recruitment and development is a never-ending cycle that involves constant management and communications from our leaders. However, the bulk of the volunteers are recruited at least two months prior to the event and targeted for specific tasks.